Ang Aking Online Marketing Checklist sa Prioridad na Order


There’s a ton of things that need accomplished to fully leverage an online marketing strategy, but I’m often amazed at the priority that companies place each item on the checklist. As we take on new clients, we’re looking to ensure the strategies with the most impact are accomplished first… especially if they’re easy. Hint: content marketing and social media marketing aren’t that easy.

  1. Website – Does the company have a website that evokes a response from your audience that it’s both a trusted source of information and that the product or service will be beneficial to the visitor’s needs?
  2. kompromiso – Does the site have a means to actually make a purchase or solicit a response from the visitor? If you’re not selling a product, this could be a landing page with form to collect the visitor’s information in trade for a demonstration or download of some sort.
  3. Pagsukat - Ano analitika mga tool na mayroon ka sa lugar upang masukat ang aktibidad at matulungan kang mapagbuti ang iyong pangkalahatang pagganap sa online marketing?
  4. Bintahan - Paano sinusubaybayan ng kumpanya ang mga bisita na umaakit? Nakuha ba ang data sa isang CRM? O sinisimulan ba nito ang isang proseso ng pag-automate ng marketing upang puntos at tumugon sa nangunguna?
  5. Email - Mayroon ka bang isang programa sa email na regular na nagbibigay sa mga kliyente ng mahalagang nilalaman at / o mga prospect na may nilalaman na magdadala sa kanila pabalik sa iyong site at i-convert ang mga ito sa mga customer?
  6. mobile – Is the site optimized for mobile and tablet viewing? If not, you’re missing out on a number of visitors who may want to do some research on your brand but are leaving because your site isn’t optimized for their viewing.
  7. paghahanap - Ngayon na mayroon kang isang mahusay na site at solidong proseso para sa pagkuha ng mga lead, paano mo mapapalago ang bilang ng mga nauugnay na lead? Ang iyong site ay dapat na itayo sa a system ng pamamahala ng nilalaman na na-optimize para sa paghahanap. Dapat gamitin ang iyong nilalaman mga keyword na mabisa.
  8. Lokal - Ang mga bisita bang naghahanap para sa iyong produkto o serbisyo ay naghahanap para sa kanila sa rehiyon? Na-optimize mo ba ang iyong nilalaman upang itaguyod ang iyong mga produkto at serbisyo sa rehiyon? Maaari kang magdagdag ng mga pahina na target na lokal na paghahanap terms. Your business should be listed on Google and Bing’s business directories.
  9. Mga review - Mayroon bang mga site ng pagsusuri para sa mga uri ng mga produkto at serbisyo na iyong ibinibigay? Nakalista ba sa kanila ang iyong negosyo o produkto? Mayroon ka bang paraan ng pagmamaneho ng mahusay na mga pagsusuri sa mga site na iyon kasama ang iyong kasalukuyang mga kliyente? Mga site tulad ng Listahan ng Angie Ang (client) at ang Yelp ay maaaring maghimok ng maraming negosyo!
  10. nilalaman – Do you have a means of consistently publishing content on your domain that’s valuable to your target audience? Having a corporate blog is a fantastic means of writing the recent, frequent and relevant content that’s demanded by your audience. Utilize different media to attract different audiences… textual in blog posts, imagery in charts, instagram updates and infographics, audio in podcasts, and video in Youtube and Vimeo updates. And don’t forget interactive tools! Calculators and other tools are amazing at attracting and engaging an audience.
  11. sosyal – Do you have a Twitter account? LinkedIn page? Facebook page? Google+ page? Instagram profile? Pinterest page? If you’re able to develop consistently great content and maintain an open line of communications, via social, with your customers and prospects, social can help to amplify your message into other relevant networks of prospects by building a community of fans. How are you using your fans to further promote your business?
  12. pagtataguyod – Now that you have all the means to produce, respond and amplify your message, it’s time to promote it as well. Paid search, sponsored posts, Facebook advertizing, Twitter advertising, Youtube advertising, public relations, press releases… it’s getting easier and more affordable to promote your content in other relevant networks. You may not be able to get into these networks through great content alone, but you access is often provided through advertising.
  13. Pag-aautomat – the number of mediums and networks is growing more and more complex every day, but the resources we’re providing marketing departments isn’t expanding at the same rate. This makes automation a must nowadays. The ability to publish the right message at the right time, monitor and route requests from any network and assign it to the right resource, the ability to score and automatically respond to leads based on their level of engagement, and a means to collect this data in a usable system… automation is the key to scaling your online marketing.
  14. Sari-saring uri – this may not make most lists, but I believe having a network of professionals to help you with your online marketing efforts is essential. Most marketing professionals have a specialty that they’re comfortable with. Sometimes they’re so comfortable that the medium they appreciate takes priority and these other strategies are missing altogether. Ask an email marketing professional, for example, about building a Facebook community and they may scoff at you – despite many companies driving a lot of business through Facebook. Borrowing from the expertise of your network often provides you insight into more studies, more tools, and more opportunities to enhance your online marketing efforts.
  15. Pagsubok – Through every iteration of every strategy, the opportunity to do A/B and multivariate testing is one that shouldn’t be overlooked. (I actually did overlook it here and thanks to Robert Clarke of Op Ed Marketing, idinagdag namin ito!)

This is my priority as I’m evaluating a business’ online marketing efforts but it may not be yours by any means. What else do you look for in an online marketing strategy? Did I miss anything? Is my order of priorities screwed up?

Tinalakay ko ang checklist na ito sa isang kamakailang podcast:


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    Mahusay na blog Douglas, magdagdag din ako ng CRO (Conversion Rate Optimization) sa pamamagitan ng A / B at Multivariate na pagsubok sa listahan - ang isang site ay maaari lamang talagang ma-optimize sa pamamagitan ng pagsubok, pagsubok, pagsubok 🙂

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